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Scratchy Bowl

Scratchy Bowl

This Scratchy Bowl is an homage to the endearing directness of scratchy kids' drawings. Inspired by the carefree doodles of young artists, it's design evokes a sense of nostalgia.

The bowl is crafted on Daphne’s pottery wheel. Wheel-thrown, trimmed, handled, dried, fired, scratched, glazed, fired again, and all the while infused with some extra love and care.


It's size is optimal for this bowl to become your go-to breakfast bowl. Let's cheer up those mornings!

Crème with ochre coloured pencil and a glossy glaze finish

±13,5 cm in diameter

±7 cm in height 

Handmade in Amsterdam
Wheel-thrown (aka made on a potter's wheel)
Made of stoneware; a highly durable type of ceramics
Dishwasher proof

    € 29,00Price
    VAT Included
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