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Happy Berry Bowl

Happy Berry Bowl


Meet the "Happy Berry Bowl”; a fun ánd functional piece designed to serve vitamines and joy. This unique berry bowl is crafted with care and every last drip of Daphne’s patience, as every single drain-hole is carved in by hand. Everything for those smiles!


Instructions for use: insert fruit, rinse, serve, eat, smile, repeat. 


Whether you're washing strawberries, blueberries, or any other delicious fruits, the Happy Berry Bowl brings a cheerful touch. It's a whimsical and practical piece that combines functionality and joy, making it a must-have for berry lovers and anyone who appreciates a touch of happiness in their culinary routine.


The Happy Berry Bowls combines perfectly with a Happy Plate to catch all those water droplets. 

Handmade in Amsterdam
Wheel-thrown (aka made on a potter's wheel)
Made of stoneware; a highly durable type of ceramics

Dishwasher proof


Soft Yellow

±14 cm in diameter
±7,5cm in height 

I would say it serves (straw)berries for ±1-3 persons. 

    € 39,00Price
    VAT Included
    Expected to be shipped in approximately 3 weeks time.
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