Custom Designed Door Sign

Custom Designed Door Sign

Commission Daphne to make you a custom-designed door sign! 

Depicted are examples of earlier made ones to give you an idea on what to expect. The final product is a ceramic tile of approximately 15 x 17 cm, suitable to be hung outdoors. It will be a tile existing of one main shape with three smaller elements in maximum three different colours. 

Step 1: Order & provide Daphne with some additional to get inspired. You can let her know a preference for certain colours, who the sign is for, what they like and where the sign will hang. And of course most importantly whose names should be featured and if desired a house number. 

Step 2: In 1-3 weeks Daphne will show you her design, you are allowed one round of feedback to adjust if needed. 

Step 3: The tile is handmade with care. This can take up to 1 month; the tile needs to be dried very slowly to prevent deformation, then bisque fired and glazed.  

Step 4: Shipment or pick-up from the studio in Amsterdam.

    € 120,00Price