Balance Set

Complete set of Balance Collection BOWL, CUP and DISH.

These tableware pieces are handmade of stoneware clay using traditional slipcasting techniques. The Balance Set of BOWL, CUP and DISH is a great gift suggestion for those who appreciate the beauty of everyday things. Making that morning ritual of having your oatmeal and tea just that bit more special and enjoyable. 


This SET includes:
1x BOWL measuring ⌀13 x 5,5 cm.

1x CUP measuring ⌀8,5 x 7,8 cm.

1x DISH measuring ⌀8 x 2,2 cm.


Balance Collection is a tableware series that kindly draws your attention to the here and now. The pieces of the Balance Collection have a dynamic character due to their round shape. Moving and swaying ever differently, guided by your gestures.

And not to worry: the pieces of the Balance Collection take honour in their name and don't tip over!


The Balance Collection is designed and produced by Studio Daphne Zuilhof in Amsterdam.


  • Details

    • Please note these are handmade items; each item is unique
    • Each piece comes in a custom-made box with cobalt blue label
    • Also good to know; all pieces of the Balance Collection are dishwasher proof!
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