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Balance Dish Porcelain

Balance Dish Porcelain

Balance Dish Porcelain is a small round dish of fine white porcelain. Finished with a transparent glaze.

Measures ⌀8 x 2,2 cm.


This dish is the smallest piece of the collection and can be used in various ways. It is obviously a great companion to the Balance Cups, to use for teabags. It also serves wonderfully as a salt jar on the dinner table. Or, use them to keep your jewellery such as rings and earrings.


Balance Collection is a collection of tableware that kindly demands your attention. To display and pick your drink and food with thought and care, luring out that extra bit of attention that the situation deserves.


    € 10,00 Regular Price
    € 5,00Sale Price
    VAT Included
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