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Furniture system


Assembly Series is a furniture concept of temporality and transformation. The series of components can be combined in various ways and always remain open to change. A daily surrounding is created that is no longer static and defined but flexible to adjust to desires of specific moments and personal interpretation. Wooden frames, made of a pale Dutch maple and handmade in Amsterdam, form the base of the series. These wooden frames are combined with other components to complete them into stools, tables or cabinets. 

The tables - Assembly Series Table 01, Table 02 & Table 03 - are defined by their solid acrylic table tops in a powerful night blue that juxtapose the light square and open wooden frames. The circular table tops fit neatly onto the frame without any further fixation. The mat finish of the table top offers a scratch resistant quality, and its transparency makes the light falling trough it turn from a powerful kobalt-blue into a mysterious night-blue during the course of the day. 

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